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Strengths Assessment

The starting point of all our programmes and interventions is a strengths discovery session. Suitable from entry to Board level employees.

Our strengths discovery sessions introduce you to the science of positive psychology and strengths development. You’ll complete a leading occupational strengths assessment, providing you with your unique strengths profile.

We will then support you to develop awareness of the differences between the work that energises you and depletes you, and learn how to use your unique mix of strengths effectively to drive success, happiness and fulfilment.

As well as a detailed feedback report, participants are also provided with 1:1 or group feedback with a qualified Strengths Practitioner. Sessions can be tailored to specific individual or group goals.

We also offer a 360-feedback version of this assessment which provides valuable insight as to how others see you, how effectively you are using your strengths in the workplace, how you are managing your performance risks and how you can strengthen your performance.

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